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You are not only getting the software, but also Madx Radicle more than 13 years (since 2000) of experience in system development industry. This will help minimize any risk that may affect your company.

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We always deliver our services and software on time as per customer request. We don't want our customer to pay money and get trouble in return.

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The investment you pay for I Assist is far below what other competitors are offering with the same services and features.

NFT Marketplace
A place to observe and trade NFTs
A tool for locking tokens to get a reward
10k NFT generator
Create 10,000 random NFTs based on traits
A smart contract protecting investors’ funds
A platform to stake tokens and get ones
A way to transfer tokens between different blockchains
Anything that a trader needs
Your deflationary token like SafeMoon
P2P game development
Decentralized exchange
A blockchain-based digital world
Security Audit
Code screening and bug fixing
Helping you to create a project
No Code Solutions
Token generator with no coding
DApp development on Rust
Multi-level Marketing System
Loyalty Programme System
Mobile Application (iOS / Android)
Payment Gateways – Credit Card verification
Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet) – Virtual Current Account
Real-time Stockist / Branches Inventory Monitoring
Real-Time Stockist / Branches Sales Monitoring
Online Management and Distributor Business Report
SMS System

Our Achievement

IBM Year 2020 Top Public Cloud Partner

Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.


We will remain committed to the pursuit of excellence.